The viral video that absolutely nails how we feel about politicians right now.

Content warning: This post contains graphic language which may cause offence to some readers.

There are a number of hilarious opinions floating around this week surrounding what the flippin’ heck is going on in Australian politics right now. But one oh-so-on-point video from last night’s episode of ABC’s Tonightly has absolutely nailed it, and the internet is screaming.

Chances are you’re currently sitting at your desk, at your place of work, where you go each day to make money to, you know, live, yeah? Or at least you have done in the past.

Well, a segment in Tom Ballard’s Tonightly pondered why ON EARTH the entire House Of Representatives feels they don’t have to do the same?

Why you no work?

Why is that a thing?

The tongue-in-cheek video presented in the style of a government authorised advertisement portrays four Australian workers; an actor, a doctor, a barista and an office worker, urging our politicians to DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS.

The jobs we as taxpayers ACTUALLY PAY THEM FOR.

“Sometimes I look at my boss and I think ‘I could do a better job than him’, then I shut the fuck up and I do my job. Do you know why? Because I’m not a fucking psychopath,” the barista says smiling to the camera and staring directly into Peter Dutton’s soul.

The video is blowing up and we think it’s pretty awesome. Check out this snippet below:


Twitter is obviously going crazy for it, too, with users jumping on the #doyourfuckingjob hashtag.



Here’s the original tweet and video in full: