Gerard Baden-Clay's mistress: "He had told me that he would marry me".

It’s the murder trial that has dominated headlines for the past month – and this morning, Gerard Baden-Clay was found guilty of murdering his wife Allison.

This Sunday night, 60 Minutes will air an exclusive interview with Gerard Baden-Clay’s mistress, Toni McHugh. Ms McHugh began an affair with Baden-Clay in 2008 – and it continued, one and off, right up until Allison’s death.

“I loved him very much,” McHugh told 60 Minutes. “He had told me that he would marry me.”

The episode of 60 Minutes will also include an interview with a woman who says Baden-Clay had contacted her, and told her that, “I’m looking for someone to kill my wife”.

Emotions ran high in court today, with Baden-Clay gasping for air after hearing his verdict. At the same time, a cheer came from the courtroom, when his verdict was finally read out after four days of deliberation.

Allison’s mother, Priscilla Dickie, read a moving victim impact statement in court following the verdict.

“You promised to take care of her … you did the opposite,” the bereaved mother said. She said Allison had stayed for her husband and the couple’s three children. “She stayed and she died,” Ms Dickie said.

Ms Dickie added that she didn’t know how she would fill the role of mother — and that it broke her heart to think of the three Baden-Clay children, who now have to deal with having “mummy put them to bed one night, and then (go) missing.” Directly looking at Baden-Clay, she said: “You’ve sentenced your daughters to life without their mother.”

The full interview will air on 60 Minutes this Sunday at 8pm on the Nine Network. 

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