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"Don't you dare ask me to feel sorry for Toni McHugh."

Tonight, convicted murderer Gerard Baden-Clay’s ex-girlfriend, Toni McHugh, was interviewed on 60 Minutes. When Toni was first interviewed back in July, Elizabeth Stewart couldn’t contain her rage.

Here’s what she had to say…

On Sunday night I got into a fight on Facebook.

“Let’s all remember Toni McHugh is not to blame for the murder of Allison Baden-Clay!!!!!” wrote one of my friends. “I feel sorry for her. She’s been punished enough!”

I saw red and I said as much.

Toni McHugh speaking on Channel 9’s 60 Minutes.

Don’t you DARE ask me or any other woman whose husband has cheated on them to feel ‘sorry’ for the mistress.

Don’t ask me to see her point of view. To hear her side of the story. Don’t ask me to do anything other than despise the woman who actively chose to co-create a web of lies that would impact my kids and me.

Toni McHugh has been punished enough? Please. She’s not a victim here.

Court gives victims of family violence a $12,500 reason to stay silent.

Today Toni McHugh still has the chance to get on with her life.

She can kiss and hug her children. And if they’ve shunned her – she has the opportunity over the rest of her life to make up with them.

She can move overseas. Change her name. Change her hair. Find love. Remarry.

If she wants to find anonymity – sure it’ll be hard but there will be ways she can do it.

Let’s all remember that another woman lost her life.

Don’t ask me to feels sorry for Toni McHugh when she pocketed probably $50,000, maybe $100,00 for that interview on Sixty Minutes to tell the world about how she justified having a three year affair with a married man who – at the time – had three little kids under six.


Tomorrow is our chance to show Allison Baden-Clay’s daughters that their mother mattered.

Don’t ask me to feel bad for a woman who – with her lover – flaunted her affair in front of their work colleagues – in turn humiliating a devoted wife at home who would eventually learn that “everybody knew”.

Don’t ask me to feel pity for a woman who had the audacity (with her lover) to have sex in his house when his wife and kids were away.

Gerard and Allison Baden-Clay.

If you’re reading this right now and you’re having an affair with someone you know is married, let me tell you something.

Every time you ‘sneak out’ a lie is told at home to a waiting spouse who in turn starts to get worried or suspicious. When they express those fears, they are nearly always told by their cheating partner that they’re ‘imagining things’ or paranoid. And so the mind games begin.

Every time you have carefree sex with the candles and the music, there is a spouse at home hanging out washing, dealing with tantrums, paying the bills and wondering what the hell to get HIS MOTHER for her birthday.

As Allison Baden-Clay said so beautifully in her letter to Gerard:

“You never lived in reality with her! Never had to deal with her family issues, placate her toddler when they were having a tantrum, clean up her children’s vomit in the middle of the night. You were never with her when she had broken sleep for years on end as her children were little and she was breastfeeding. You only used her breasts for other f*****g reasons. You only saw her when she had washed her hair, shaved her bikini line, put her good undies on and when she was ready for her lover!!!!! That makes me bitter!!!!!”

9 harrowing confessions from the 60 Minutes interview with Gerard Baden-Clay’s mistress Toni McHugh.

Don’t ask me to feel sorry for Toni McHugh. She showed no remorse on Sixty Minutes nor a moment of concern for the shattered lives of Allison Baden-Clay’s children. Instead she was self-absorbed, self-interested, selfish.

Which I guess are all the things you need to be, to be a mistress.

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