There's an incredible reason Tommy Little has been posting 'modelling shots' on Instagram.

You might have noticed a recent influx of “modelling” photos appear in your Instagram feed from Tommy Little.

When the 33-year-old stand-up comedian, radio host and regular panellist on Channel Ten’s The Project began posting half-naked ‘modelling’ photos, we were unsure if he was in the process of making a career transition, or just having a laugh at himself.

But on tonight’s episode of The Project, we got our answer. (You can view the segment by clicking play below.)

“For the last two weeks I’ve been making an absolute tit of myself by posting shots on Instagram and telling anyone who’d listen about how I wanted to get into modelling and people have been so nice about my career,” he began a special segment on Tuesday night’s episode of The Project.

“[I was being] a dickhead that modelled clothes I bought from Homie, a charity shop that helps homeless people. I used Instagram to also frame out reality. The pictures you have seen so far are cropped but now it’s time to stop focusing on a guy who wet the bed until he was 12 and zoom out to see what is really going on in these pictures,” Tommy said.

Since, he has reposted all modelling shots, but this time as galleries; in each gallery the first image is the one we saw initially, followed by the image’s context. For instance, in one he simply appears to be brooding to the camera, until you zoom out and, in the second photograph, see him awkwardly strewn across a park bench.

“It’s designed to make life for those who are at their most vulnerable even more uncomfortable,” Tommy wrote on Instagram. “… A simple and completely unnecessary “armrest” in the middle of the bench to stop people sleeping/lying down on it.”

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Tommy modelled his photos in various locations, but every location had a purpose and a connection to Australians affected by homelessness.

The aim? To boost awareness about Youth Homelessness Matters Day, which is tomorrow.

“Here is my challenge to you at home. Tomorrow is Youth Homelessness Matters Day. If you want to help out, you can jump online and donate to places like Launch and the Lighthouse Foundation, they are doing amazing work,” Tommy said.

And you can do that, right here. Or check out Tommy Little’s edited photographs, here.