Tomato sauce fan gets saucy. The wrong kind of saucy.


Tomato sauce purchaser gets saucy. The wrong kind of saucy.

A Heinz tomato sauce purchaser in Germany was shocked and confused to discover that when he scanned the QR code on the back of the bottle, he was not taken to a site allowing him to design his own tomato sauce label as promised.

Instead, he was directed to a DIRTY, DIRTY PORN SITE, the kind he DEFINITELY NEVER VISITS.


Naturally, he did what every disgruntled 21st century customer does – wrote an angry message on their public Facebook page so everyone else could judge them too.

Luckily, I learned German in high school, and can translate the above word for word.

Angry customer: Hello, Heinz. I’m writing to politely inform you that you guys have 100% FUCKED ME OVER. I wanted to enter your competition to design my own label while I was waiting for my mum at the shops – I was pretty bored, okay – but when I scanned the QR code, it took me to a porn site instead. I guess I didn’t click away quickly enough, so my mum saw it. Now we’re in this awkward standoff and I’m not sure what to do.

I’m not the only one who could have been irreparably damaged. CHILDREN might be scanning QR codes. They’re really good at technology these days, you know. This is totally unacceptable and I’ll be using those free packets of tomato sauce from McDonalds from now on. Thanks a lot, dickheads. Daniel.*

I won’t bore you with the translation of Heinz’s whingy reply, but apparently, they were running a promotion between 2012 and 2014 and the link expired last year. Entrepreneurial porn company Fundorado saw the opportunity and snapped up the domain name, just for lols.

Heinz has now offered Daniel the opportunity to design his own label and have it sent to him on a bottle of tomato sauce. So really, everybody wins except Daniel’s mum.** #LivingTheDream.

*Not necessarily a completely accurate translation.

** Not actually sure if Daniel’s mum featured in the story.

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