Tom Hiddleston just declared his love for Taylor Swift in the weirdest way.

Dear Tom Hiddleston,



In case you missed it, the 35-year-old actor took his relationship with singer Taylor Swift to the next level over the Fourth of July weekend. By wearing a singlet. In the surf. Emblazoned with the phrase ‘I heart T.S.’.

While it might be a cute sentiment for a pair of teenage lovebirds who are flaunting their new hand-holding status around summer camp, we’re not quite sure it works for two of the most famous names on the planet.

Video via Gage Simmons

Turns out, Twitter agrees. Since paparazzi pics of the pair frollicking in the surf – alongside Swifty’s bevy of celebrity gal pals – fans have been taking to social media to voice their, ahem, concern, over where the relationship is headed. Most fans questioned the legitimacy of the affair – and we’re not surprised, given the conspiracy theory that the couple are filming a long-form music video.


Some were concerned that this relationship is moving way too fast, and that the pair are unhealthily attached at the hip:


Others bought into TayTays ‘crazy girlfriend’ persona (a la Blank Space music video):

Others debated whether the James Bond hopeful could ever return from being reduced to ‘Taylor Swift’s arm candy’:


Whatever the reason behind their relationship – and hey, maybe they’re the real deal – there’s no denying that Hiddleswift is a word that’s on everyone’s lips.

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