4 reasons we’re hooked on Tom Ford’s Complexion Enhancing Primer.

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As far as my morning makeup routine is concerned, primer is the kid that gets picked last for the team.

Napoleon Perdis has drilled into us all that “it’s a crime not to prime” but I’ve been a little scared off by some of the gluggy, Clag glue-like formulas out there. And those spare seconds I have in the am are often spent with my eyes shut. Firmly.

Enter: Tom Ford’s new Complexion Enhancing Primer.

1. It’s multi-purpose.

The way this product reeled me in? It’s a primer, yes, which means my makeup won’t slide off my face at the rate it usually does, but it’s also been touted as a pore minimiser. Plus, it’s tinted, which means it can also add “luminizer” to its CV. Very clever.

It comes in two colours “peach” and “pink”, I chose the former. When I tried the product out on the back of my hand, I was a little worried I’d made a very, very dire decision. I was sure it was going to look like orange face paint against my pale skin, but I needn’t have stressed; It rubbed in seamlessly.

I was sure it was going to look like orange face paint against my pale skin, but I needn’t have stressed; It rubbed in seamlessly.

2. You can wear it on its own.

First and foremost, its function is to prep your skin so your foundation slides on (and stays on) perfectly. But if you’re a minimal coverage kind of lady, applying some of this and giving your foundation a break will suffice. Think of it as a tinted moisturiser meets luminizer. And expect to feel glowy.

"Not to prime is a crime!" Image via iStock.

3. It blends seamlessly.

Oh, you thought because it’s tinted it might leave those dirty-ish marks on your face (like that tinted moisturiser we all used to wear when we were 15)? Nope, you can’t screw up application of this product. Which is brilliant for beauty dunces like myself. The best part? It makes your skin look bright without any trace of dewiness. (Post continues after gallery.)

4. It’s your makeup’s best friend.

After applying the product, I noticed my foundation glided onto my face - it didn’t feel heavy at all and it stayed nicely in place. If you’re someone with super oily skin, and are only looking for a primer that will keep the slick at bay, this probably isn’t your best bet.

I’ve got very oily skin and I noticed that around lunchtime I was starting to shine. But I think we can all agree that what it lacks in shine-control, it makes up for with it’s bevvy of other benefits.

At $100, it’s certainly not cheap, but you only need the teeniest of amounts to cover your whole mug. Yep, this product has earned its place in my morning makeup team.

Available online at from September 6. 

Do you use a primer?