Why Tom Cruise didn't see Suri for 110 days.

Tom Cruise and his daughter, Suri.

1. Tom Cruise tells all.

Tom Cruise didn’t see his daughter, Suri, for 110 days after his split from Katie Holmes. That’s just one revelation from the Top Gun star’s recent defamation lawsuit against two US magazines who claimed that he had abandoned his daughter in their coverage of his divorce last June.

In the transcript of his testimony obtained by RadarOnline, Cruise conceded that 110 days was a long time, saying: “It’s not an ideal scene. It’s not an ideal situation.”

Despite their distance, Cruise said that he was able to parent Suri by telling her “wonderful stories” on the phone.

Cruise also hinted that struggles to decide upon custody arrangements also impacted on his absence. He said: “Listen, when there is a divorce — if you look at this also in terms of Suri coming to me and certain agreements that you have, when a divorce occurs thing change. And it’s more complicated, as everyone know when that is, when that occurs, and there are certain agreements; now you have to ask for permission and organize schedules to make things happen.”

Cruise’s case is expected to go to trial early next year.

2. Portia DeGeneres on coming out: “I was very, very nervous.”

Portia and Ellen DeGeneres

Portia DeGeneres (nee de Rossi) has spoken about coming out.

The 40-year-old Arrested Development actress, who has been in a relationship with talk show host and comedian, Ellen DeGeneres since 2005, said in an interview with Inside the Actors’ Studio that the unveiling of their relationship to the world’s press coincided with her first public assertion of her sexuality:

“When I really, truly came out was the Golden Globes, when Arrested Development was nominated.”

“Ellen and I had been together for a month, and I was very, very nervous going to that, because I knew I was going to meet up with her after the show. And that there was press.”

‘That was the first time we stepped out together as a couple, but for me, it was the first time I stepped out as a gay woman, really.”


3. Jennifer Aniston gets an edgy piercing.

We vaguely remember a Year 9 health class saying that cartilage piercings are dangerous. Oh well.

4. Kate Middleton goes to a charity event. All anyone can talk about is this.

Look at this picture:


Do you see a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge – a new mother who has jumped back into the spotlight with remarkable speed – at a Poppy Appeal charity event?

Good. You are a sane person.

Do you see a picture of a woman with grey roots?

Bad. You are an insane person.

But, unfortunately, you would fit right at home in the newsroom of British newspaper, The Telegraph, who decided to caption this picture: “Duchess sports 70s-style wave – and grey roots – as she and Duke catch Poppy Appeal bus” and stick it on their front page.


Former PM Julia Gillard.

5. Which Australian actress is set to play Julia Gillard in a new bio-drama?

The rumours were true, Rachael Griffiths is going to play Julia Gillard in a new bio-drama.

The series will focus on Labor leadership challenges of the Rudd/Gillard Governments. And, it’s being produced by the same team who made Hawke and Curtin, so we have high hopes.

The project will hit our screens in 2015.

6. Is this Hollywood couple’s marriage on the rocks? Is a Ramsay Street resident to blame? Is this a slow news week?

Look, we know that you can’t believe everything you read. We also know that speculation is a poor journalistic tactic. But, if you are to believe the things that are in the news today, it looks a lot like Will Smith has been out in a photo booth with ex-Neighbours actress.


Here’s a snippet of the cover that’s currently doing the rounds on the Internet:

Star Magazine has published pictures of Australian actress Margot Robbie partying with Smith at a wrap party for their new film, Focus. Admittedly, they are pulling up their tops, and engaging in other photo booth-esque tomfoolery.

But, seriously, guys. Slow news week, much?

7. All of the best frocks from the CMAs.

The Country Music Awards were held overnight. They’re sort of like the VMAs, but with a little more twang than twerk.

Here are all the best dresses, y’all:

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