Warning: This photo of Tom & Nicole's son will make you feel old...

Remember when Tom and Nicole were a super-couple and they had two gorgeous tiny toddlers? Yes. So do we.

Connor Cruise has arrived in Australia to spin some tunes at a music festival and boy does he look the part. He talks about his love for Australia and shares some amazing photos that only a celebrity son could take.

Remember when… Tom and Nicole were the hottest celebrity couple in the world? This image was captured at a massive press call just a few years after they were married. The super couple and their adopted children, Isabella born in 1992 and Connor born in 1995, posed together and symbolised the perfect family.

Fast-forward nineteen years later and so much has changed. Their divorce shocked the world (seriously, to this day we can barely watch Vanilla Sky), they have both moved on to new relationships, Nicole being branded the winner in our books with her husband Keith Urban and adorable daughters Faith and Sunday Rose.

Isabella has blossomed into a feisty young woman, now 22.

And here’s Connor now:

Yes, the adorable munchkin is now a man of 19 and is fast becoming one of the hottest DJs in the world. He's in Australia to perform at the Sydney and Gold Coast Good Life Festival. He's also an actor, appearing in movies such a the remake of Red Dawn.

Connor refers to Australia as his second home, thanks to mum Nicole, and tweeted the following upon landing:

“Just landed in Australia, rolling solo on this trip #NomadLife #Australia #SecondHome".

There have been reports that Nicole and her two adopted children are estranged, with the actress sharing her sadness at their decision to live with Tom and new wife (now ex wife) Katie instead of with she and Keith. It's also thought their decision to remain Scientologists, like their father Tom, contributed to the rift.

However she maintains they are close. She told the Hollywood Reporter last year, "I’ve chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children who are Scientologists — Connor and Isabella — and I utterly respect their beliefs.”

She told E News, “Everybody has their own path and when they find their path it’s such a relief as a parent."

CLICK THROUGH these photos from Connor Cruise's Instagram. Flick through to see his snaps of Sydney Harbour and sister Isabella. We've also thrown in some cute photos of he and his famous parents...just for fun. Memories...

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