Comedic superstars and a plot twist: Why the new Tom and Jerry movie is not your average kid's flick.

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When it comes to iconic on-screen comedy duos, it doesn’t get much better than Tom and Jerry. 

The animated rivalry and comedic antics of a cat named Tom, and a mouse named Jerry have entertained audiences for decades, ever since the franchise first kicked off back in 1940.  

It's a franchise that also boasts seven Academy Award wins in the Best Animated Short Film category. 

Now, this beloved animated comedy series has been kicked up a notch with the upcoming release of Tom and Jerry, a new film that combines live-action with computer animation to bring a new big-screen twist to an iconic story.

Here are four behind-the-scenes facts about the new Tom and Jerry movie that will have you and your family and friends rushing to the cinema to snag your tickets.

Take a look at the trailer for Tom and Jerry. Post continues.  

1. The stakes are higher for Tom and Jerry than they've ever been before.

Over the years the on-screen rivalry and antics between Tom and Jerry have been confined to the ongoing battle between just the cat and mouse. But in this big-screen adaption, there's a lot more at stake than just who will come out on top in their latest escapade.

The events of the film take place in New York, in the bustling streets of Manhattan where Tom Cat dreams of becoming a pianist while his longtime rival Jerry Mouse is on the hunt for a new home.

Jerry ends up setting up his home at the Royal Gate Hotel, an act that coincides with the lead-up to a very high-profile wedding that is about to take place there. 

Through a series of disastrous events, Jerry quickly makes his presence known to the staff, who immediately recognise that he is putting both the wedding and the hotel at risk. 

A down on his luck Tom finds Jerry at the hotel and the two have it out in an epic (and hilarious) fight scene that puts both their futures in New York at risk.

2. The movie is packed with comedic superstars who star alongside animated legends Tom and Jerry.

If you take a sneaky look at the cast list for Tom and Jerry you'll see it's packed with comedy superstars from an array of different professional backgrounds.

There's Ken Jeong, known for his standout role in the blockbuster Hangover franchise and who stars here as Jackie, a chef, and baker at the Royal Gate Hotel where all the action in the film takes place.

There's also leading lady Chloë Grace Moretz, known for her sassy role in the action movie Kick-Ass and for stealing the show in the big-screen comedy Neighbours 2: Sorority opposite Zac Efron and Seth Rogen. 

Here she brings her accomplished comedy skills to the role of Kayla, a young wedding planner at the Royal Gate Hotel who cleverly hires Tom to remove Jerry before the wedding.

Tom and Jerry also stars Michael Peña, who is known for bringing comedic relief to Marvel films such as Ant-Man and its sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp, as the hotel's scheming manager Terence.

Also in the mix is Saturday Night Live star Colin Jost as the groom whose wedding is on the verge of being ruined while Australian actress Pallavi Sharda stars as his wife-to-be. 


Chloë Grace Moretz stars in Tom and Jerry. Image: Universal Pictures.


3. The humour in Tom and Jerry is so slick it will appeal to adults and kids alike.

Speaking of these comedy superstars, it’s their presence in the film that elevates Tom and Jerry to the status of a big-screen adventure complete with different strands of comedy aimed at both adult and child audiences.

The movie takes big swings with its physical comedy sequences, tapping into the age-old humour that comes from Tom and Jerry battling it out and pulling hilarious pranks on each other throughout the movie. 

In an extra layer of humour for adult fans, the Tom and Jerry animators were present on set during filming for the movie, which allowed the cast of comedy superstars to improvise funny moments and lines throughout the shoot - all while figures of the titular characters were handled by puppeteers while the cameras rolled so the actors could bounce off them.

4. There’s a plot twist in Tom and Jerry that we haven’t seen on screen before.

Well, here's something you don't see every day.

For the last few years, the basis of Tom and Jerry's relationship is that they have been each other's ultimate nemesis. 

Plotting against each there and having it out in hilarious tattles.

But in Tom and Jerry an unexpected plot twist occursand it means that the cat and mouse must work together for the very first time.

It's a plot point that offers up a fascinating (and heartwarming) look at what it's like to work with someone who you didn't think you liked but who you must now join forces with for the greater good.

Tom and Jerry also find themselves teaming up to face a common enemy, showing a whole new dynamic between the iconic on-screen pair.

Tom and Jerry will premiere in Australian cinemas Thursday, 1 April.

Tom & Jerry: The Movie, only in cinemas April 1