Toilet paper lips are trending and we don't know what to think.

This year has been… exploratory when it comes to beauty.

We have seen condoms used as beauty blenders. Fidget Spinners used as blushers. And, now, toilet paper is being used as lipstick.

Yep, Italian makeup artist Gretta Agazzi is using toilet paper to create lip art and the results are incredible.

At first, she did it as a challenge to create lips that looked ‘crystalised’.

She used toilet paper, salt and beads to create a frosty blue out-of-this-galaxy-style look and posted the outcome to Instagram.

Crystallization process lip art???? Asked my dear friend Matteo “please give me an idea for a lip art”. He said “crystallization”. Wtf guys, he is a psycho. I was expecting something like “rainbow, letters” and he delivered a chemical process lol. By the way I take challenges VERY seriously so here it is and it’s for him. I used toilet paper, salt and beads. @nyxcosmetics_italy celestial star and comets tail cosmic metals lip cream, and jet set suede matte lip liner. I saw in the past some crystal themed lip arts, by no means I want to take advantage of other’s ideas and make them mine. Even if as I explained you the idea for this came from my dear friend, please feel free to write down in the comments the artists’ names who previously did this kind of stuff so my followers can check them. Love! #crystallization #lipart #lipstick #nyxcosmetics #nyxcosmeticsitaly #crystal #salt #toiletpaper #editorial #myartistcommunity #inssta_makeup #pinterest #makeupartist

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Next, comedic YouTubers Saifya Nygaard and Candace Lowry simplified the method to “only” involve toilet paper for a more… user friendly approach.

They used eyelash glue, toilet paper, lipstick and iridescent lip topper to re-create Agazzi’s look.


The results weren’t quite the same.

Agazzi also responded to the resounding feedback from fans on her original ‘crystalised’ post.

She too shared a ‘toilet paper’ only approach, using lip liner and metal lip cream to solidify the look.

???? the toilet paper lip art I just created live to show you I showed you how to create this lip look for fun and how I took the technique from a sfx look the very lovely ✨@birnamagg ✨ created last year! Thank you so much for all of the lovely messages I am receiving. I really appreciate it Please, if you feel like recreating the look, make sure to tag me into the photo so I can thank you and post your lovely looks in my Insta stories Used @katvondbeauty Lemmy everlasting lip liner and @nyxcosmetics_italy Out of This World cosmic metal lip cream #toiletpaper #katvond #nyxcosmetics #lipstick #lipart #nyxcosmeticsitaly #lipgloss #diy #editorial #myartistcommunity #inssta_makeup #makeupartist #pinterest #painting #texture

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Yes, there are some questions:

Namely, how do you eat, speak and breath without the toilet paper dissolving with sogginess into your mouth?

But there’s no debate about it, the insta-payoff is stunning.

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