We have so many questions for the women who refuse to use toilet paper.

Could you ever make the switch to reusable toilet paper? Seriously.

There’s a growing movement of people who are ditching that crazy ‘flushable’ stuff and switching to a box next to the toilet that stores reusable bum-rags. It’s cheaper, and it’s good for the environment, so say the converted.

The Huffington Post recently spoke to three women whose families have given up on disposable toilet paper, and what they have to say is actually kind of fascinating.

The logisitics basically involve cutting a flannel cloth into pieces and keeping them in a box by the toilet. The cloth pieces are then washed every two to three days.

Just a few questions (well, more than a few but these are the main ones): Do you re-use the cloth strips in the box, or are we talking a one-use system? Is the box split into number one cloth strips and number two cloth strips? Does the box get stinky? With all the washing that goes on, do you really save that much money? Do you carry the cloth strips around with you when you go out? Do have toilet paper at home for when other people come over?

Watch the discussion here:

So, um… Discuss.

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