A proud mum shared a photo of her daughter online. The response was sickening.


It’s horrible to think even tiny toddlers are assigned unrealistic body standards, but this nasty case of online bullying proves it’s a sad reality.

A distressed mother has described how she and her partner proudly shared an image of their daughter, only for the 14-month-old to end up cruelly labelled ‘fat’.

On Reddit’s BeyondTheBump page, the mum explained they meant to only post the image on web forum Daddit before they also accidentally published to picture site Imgur.

Picture: Imgur.

But they never expected to draw vicious hate from commenters.

“Two people said she was unhealthily overweight and that we should take better care of her. My 14 month old. Who is perfectly healthy and thriving at a normal weight,” she wrote on Reddit, hitting back at the trolls.


“Chunky babies run in both of our families. It makes me so sad that at one year old, she is already getting negative comments about her weight.”

Watch: Mamamia's Mia Freedman on her experience with trolling. (Post continues after video.)

Fellow users were quick to voice their support for the hurt parents.

Omg those rolls ???????????? she is a perfect little angel baby!

Dear God.....what is wrong with people?! She is beautiful.

Your daughter is adorable & looks totally healthy to me! I hope my daughter is doing just as well at 14 months! Ignore those people who obviously have no idea what a healthy child of that age should look like. She's a little sweetheart

Others who have also borne the brunt of senseless online backlash urged the parents to ignore it.

People sometimes just want to upset you. Your baby is fine. Reddit and imgur are a bag of dicks.

Reddit/imgur can be f-cking toxic sometimes. My husband posted a picture of our newborn on Daddit and someone replied that they hoped she died of SIDS. It didn't really bother me because it was just someone trying to get a rise out us with no real power or anything personal behind it, but it shows the quality of people these websites sometimes harbour...

Featured image: Imgur