Today’s Today Show: refugees, swine flu panic & Richard Pratt’s mistress. Oh my!

You can watch the segment here….
Oh it was action-packed morning which actually felt more like lunchtime since I'd been up since 4:30am. Why do my children have a radar that tells them when I have to be up at 5:45am and inspire them to get all competitive with my alarm clock? Thank you Remy. Let's blame your cold.

The topics were great this morning and Karl and I got stuck into a wide range of topcs. Feel free to comment on any of them here.

As for Richard Pratt's very interesting personal life – and now sad
death – I don't really have a position except to find the whole thing
fascinating. I'm going to post seperately later today about Sydney vs
Melbourne fashion so hold your fire on that one…..

One subject I'm keen to discuss here is refugees. I didn't post about this last week because I was away but I feel very passionately about refugees and our duty of care to people who have NOTHING and who are DESPERATE for a life in our country.

As conservative commentator PJ O'Rourke said on ABCTV's Q&A last week: "When people are getting on exploding boats to come to your country: LET THEM IN. You're missing out on some very valuable and committed future citizens if you turn them away."
And also? They're REFUGEES. They have nothing. Some are lucky to arrive alive. Let's help them. There's a thought.

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