Karl Stefanovic CANNOT handle Lisa Wilkinson's beard.

Another day, another gaffe.

Karl Stefanovic, with all the wit of a prepubescent school boy, completely lost his composure on the Today show this morning at an inadvertent double entendre made by his long-suffering co-host Lisa Wilkinson.

It involved the concept of HAIR in your PANTS. Hohoho!

Here’s what happened.

Karl Stefanovic, completely beside himself.

A bunch of hirsute guys sporting beards that any hipster would give his sleeve tatt to be able to grow appeared on the show to talk about their charity. That’s when Lisa made a comment she’ll never, ever forget. Or probably already has.

Watch it here…

Lisa has a beard in her genes… LOL! This is Beard Season#Today9

Posted by TODAY on Sunday, May 31, 2015

The men, who are not hipsters but humanitarians, were speaking about The Beard Season, a charity that encourages skin-cancer awareness and melanoma checks.

Wilkinson mentioned that the women in her family have the ability to sprout impressive facial hair.

Minutes later, composure has not been regained.

She then offered to grow a beard to help support the charity, because it’s “in [her] genes.”

“In your jeans?!” squealed Stefanovic, proceeding to ROFL uncontrollably.

In his mirth, Stefanovic continued to guffaw as the men tittered politely behind their beards. Eventually, one of them had to drag the attention back to the worthy cause at hand.

Morning television: totally worth getting out of bed for.

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