Today, in naked Kardashian news... Kourtney!

Barely a day goes by without the world being treated to the unclothed body parts of a Kardashian, or at a pinch, a Jenner.

Today, with her sister Khloe busy working out and her other sister Kim selecting push presents, it fell to Kourtney Kardashian, 36, to do the honours.

She shared a picture of herself from an upcoming Vanity Fair shoot starkers, facing away from the camera.

See? She does have a bum. Image via Instagram.

The snap indicates that, like many women, Kourtney Kardashian has a bum.

If you believe tabloids and Justin Bieber, the mother-of-three has been bedding a, let’s face it, still-pubescent Justin Bieber, 20 (who you just know still uses the term MILF).

Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian. Image via Instagram.

He posted a charming picture of himself standing in front of a woman, whose only visible body parts were her legs.

“Lord knows,” he labelled it, which is totally asking for trouble since Kourtney’s ex-partner refers to himself as Lord Disick.

Is this Kourtney Kardashian? No. Image via Instagram.

Who knows what Kourtney is trying to say with her butt? Is it, “I am sleeping with a really young idiot”? Is it, “Kiss my ass, Scott Disick”? Or is it simply, “Here is my butt”?

We’ll never know. Was there ever been a family more in love with their own bums? Probably not.