To spanx or not to spanx?





I was at a function recently and the room was full of women. One of the people who had to get up and speak admitted she was hugely nervous but that someone had just whispered in her ear that old-school advice about imagining the audience in their underwear.

The woman next to me leaned over and noted: “Then all you would see is a sea of Spanx

At the time, I was wearing underpants that finished underneath my boobs. That.

With the number of times I’ve been asked by well-meaning commenters if I’m ready to announce my pregnancy yet (not pregnant! just my tummy!), I’ve dug out some of my old control undergarments (!) and roped them back into service.

The problem is that most of them are like fat-sucking bicycle shorts. I need some tummy support occasionally but I am also very lazy and cannot be bothered to go out and buy anything that will do the job.

So finally on the weekend I ventured into Myer and tried on all manner of control undies.

My verdict? I bought some great ones by Ambra and Jockey and a strapless tube slip thingy by Triumph.

All very reasonably priced. Nearly Nude also had some great stuff that wasn’t tooo exxy.

Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy had this hilarious Spanx story to share with Ellen – can you relate?

So – to spanx or not to spanx? Do you ever wear sucking-in underwear or can’t you be bothered? Any brands you’d recommend to a novice?