Don't panic, but one of the most iconic elements in 'Titanic' almost didn't make the cut.

Can you imagine James Cameron’s 1997 classic Titanic without Leonardo DiCaprio or Kate Winslet?

What about if you just, I don’t know, ERASED the most iconic song in history from its soundtrack?

Yes, we’re talking about Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On and we just found out that it was almost cut from the film.

And we’re a little bit traumatised.

titanic movie leonardo dicaprio shocked
We know, Leo. We're shocked, too. Image via Paramount Pictures.

A new biography about Sherry Lansing, the former CEO of Paramount Pictures, one of the studios behind the Oscar-winning film, has revealed that soothing flute intro and Celine's powerful vocals almost never saw the light of day.

An excerpt from the book, released to The Hollywood Reporter, claims that in the midst of the movie's well-documented budget, filming and post-production dramas, Lansing had just one reservation.


She thought the inclusion of Dion's emotional ballad was...well, a little bit lame.


When she heard James Cameron wanted the song as the film's theme, she said, "isn't this a little corny?"

Thankfully, Cameron said he thought the song was "fantastic" and that was that.

titanic movie leo kate kiss
*insert soothing Celine Dion vocals here...* Image via Paramount Pictures.

Celine's song has become as iconic as that hand sliding down a steamy car window, as Rose asking Jack to draw her "like one of your French girls" and then taking up all the room on that darn floating door.

Now, if ever there was a part of the film that needed to be changed, it's that.

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