The 10 commandments of successful op shopping.

Never Ever Pay Retail blogger Hannah Klose shares her tips for always finding treasure amongst the trash.

1. Plan your itinerary.

Especially if you’re shopping on a Saturday when most op shop volunteers like to have an early mark. Start with the ones that close first and go from there. Click here to find the op shops around you.

2. Research.

Flick through a fashion magazine so you have your head in the game. Have an idea of what prints, fabrics, garments, bric-a-brac or haberdashery you ‘need’ before you get there.

Watch: Three ways with your new op shop scarf. (Post continues after video.)

3. Cash is king.

Not all op shops have made it into the 21st century, so remember to collate all your shrapnel.

4. Find a thrifty wingwoman to drag along.

It’s not as fun without one.


Image: Never Ever Pay Retail

 5. Dress code.

Wear something easy to get changed in and out of to save on time. Avoid buttons at all costs! I usually wear a dress and slip on shoes for a ninja shopping experience.

6. Pack antihistamines.

In case you get the sneezels from rummaging. (Post continues after gallery.)


7. Always have coffee beforehand.

Even if you don’t drink it. It’s the best legal drug and it’ll give you an adrenalin kick.

8. Attitude is everything.

Make sure you have your op shop mojo on. Go in expecting to find gold and you will!

Play your cards right, and you'll feel just like this.

9.  Look at everything.

And I mean everything. You never know what sneaky gems are tucked away unless you have a good geezer.

10. Be nice to the ladies who volunteer.

They do an incredible job and make it possible for us to get retail therapy without breaking the bank. Play your cards right and they might even give you a discount too!

Have you picked up any op shop bargains lately?

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Never Ever Pay Retail blogger Hannah Klose has been thrifting since birth, thanks to her mum’s opshop obsession, and 35 years on she still loves the thrill of the chase. When she’s not blogging about the best secondhand hot spots you can catch her sniffing out a bargain somewhere in Brisbane with her 17-month-old sidekick, Josie. She lives by the mantra ‘buy nothing new’ (except for underwear) so 99% of her wardrobe is pre-loved. Follow her on Instagram @nevereverpayretail to see some every day style that doesn’t have to break the bank.