Tinder stalker Paul Lambert's campaign of terror against a TV reporter 18 months before trying to rape and kill Angela Jay.

When US TV reporter, Brittany Ann Keil, met Australian man, Paul Lambert, in 2014 she could never have imagined what he was capable of. She spent months being unable to sleep, work properly or eat, having to use legal action to have him deported from the US after he stalked her.

Two years later, Lambert is dead after attempting to rape and murder a young NSW doctor who had rejected him. Just days after the NSW man was shot dead by police, chilling details have emerged about his twisted lies and crazed obsessions.

Lambert, 36, had only been dating Angela Jay, 28, for a few weeks after meeting on Tinder when she broke up with him. This led him to bombard her with incessant calls and threats of violence, forcing her to go to the police and apply for an AVO.

Angela Jay, Paul Lambert and Brittany Ann Keil. Via Facebook.
Last Thursday police shot Lambert dead after he planned rape and murder a young NSW doctor who had rejected him.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Lambert broke into the Port Macquarie home of Jay on Thursday and lay in wait for her to come home from work at around 6pm.

According to the report, he placed her underwear on her bed, along with cable ties he was going to use to tie her up and rape her. He then doused the bed and her walk-in wardrobe in petrol.

When she arrived home he attacked her with a knife but somehow she broke free and ran to her neighbour's home.

The Courier Mail reports that Lambert was a deluded liar with a history of twisted obsessional acts.

In 2014, he met Fox News reporter Ann Keil via Tinder while on holiday in the US. He did not tell her he was married and they struck up a friendship.

Brittany Ann Keil met Lambert in 2014. Via Twitter.
They then had a brief relationship during which time the Emmy Award winning reporter tried to break their relationship off 11 times while he waged a campaign of “manipulation, guilt, harassment, control and emotional terrorism” according to court documents obtained by The Courier Mail.

“Paul... maliciously threatened her reputation, threatened to expose her to disgrace, expose her secrets which would affect her personally and professionally, with the intention to compel Brittany to see him,” the court documents read.

The Courier Mail reports he played upon Ms Keil’s sympathies saying his father and best friend had died and that she was the only person who cared. He then told her he was being held against his will, beaten and poisoned and had a head injury that had caused him to have “mental problems”.

He pretended to have a terminal illness, threatened to commit suicide and at one stage told her he had nine different personalities.

The report states he emailed her from various accounts of these “personalities.”

“I was hoping not to do this but I feel I must. For you and your sanity,” he wrote.

“Yes, I am Paul. One of 9 personalities. I have all memories of others and none of the others have mine.”

Ms Keil had to have him deported. Via Facebook.
Court documents show that on another occasion, he called her from a blocked number and when she said “hello”, repeated her name over and over. He then continued to call, leaving various voice messages.

Their relationship began via Skype calls while Lambert was married. In 2015, he left his wife for the young reporter, even after she asked him not to.

The Daily Mail writes that Lambert was unhappy and bombarded her with 23 emails, 11 Facebook messages and 12 phone calls between April 30 and May 6.

It was during this time he claimed to be dying of a brain tumour to get her sympathy. Ms Keil said that this was “an emotional trigger” as her father almost died of one years before, something Lambert knew.

He then began harassing her at work, calling her employer, and telling her he had a claiming twin brother and said they had both been dating her and she hadn’t known.

He threatened to commit suicide if she did not continue to see him and on her Facebook page abused her and called her a “killer.”

Lambert was shot dead by police last week. Via Facebook.
In an email obtained by The Courier Mail she wrote to him:

“Paul, please do not contact me anymore through any means. Do not call my job, my phones, email me, text me or attempt to reach me through social media. I no longer wish to have any contact with you whatsoever.

“I tried to be a friend because of what you are going through but your irrational and vindictive behaviour has made that impossible.”

“I hope you get the medical help you need and are able to move on with your life as I am trying to. I mean no disrespect and I wish only the best for you in your life.

“Our relationship is over and I'm sorry it didn't work out. These things happen sometimes and I know you will find someone else.”

But he continued.

Court documents show he “attempted to extort money in exchange for no contact with her and in exchange for not following through with his malicious attempts to use his personal knowledge to ruin her life.”

Lambert said his “blood would be on her hands” if she did not comply.

She finally went to authorities and he was arrested in Orlando, Florida, on May 11, 2015. Lambert was charged with stalking and extortion, and was later deported from the country accompanied by two U.S. federal marshals.

Lambert then began harassing Angela Jay who he met through Tinder. Via Facebook.
Eighteen months later he would be back at it, telling Port Macquarie Doctor Angela Jay she was "not safe in that house".

"I have some of the house keys,” he texted her. “I need you to understand that this is my good side right night. The good side won't last long. Especially being rejected.”

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