Tinder scam: Users have accidentally fallen in love with a robot.

Ava was pretty. Ava was smart. Ava was actually a robot with a Tinder profile.

It’s a classic love story. Boy swipes yes to girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Girl turns out to be a robot.

Damn. Don’t you HATE it when that happens?

Some poor suckers were swiping away on Tinder at the SXSW, an big music, film and technology festival held in Austin, Texas. One guy named Brock, an employee of AdWeek, matched with a pretty girl, ‘Ava, 25’, and they started chatting.

The Tinder profile of Ava. Pretty… for a robot. Source: AdWeek

It was a match made in heaven, at first.

Ava 2
Brock and Ava flirting. Or interfacing. Source: AdWeek

After that, things got a little deep. Remember – AVA IS A ROBOT.

Ava 3
Ava is deep… for a computer. Source: AdWeek

Ava started grilling Brock. In the way that only a computer can.

And then things heated up: She suggested they meet.

Ava 4
Ava, you saucy beast. Source: AdWeek

Naturally, Brock followed through to see Ava’s instagram. But it only had one photo and one video, promoting a sci-fi film called Ex Machina, with a lead character of a robot called Ava. Clever.

You are dead center of the single greatest scientific event in the history of man. #ExMachina

A video posted by AVA (@meetava) on

As it turns out, ‘Ava’ was Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, and the profile was made to promote the new sci-fi film. It worked. The Instagram account has had a whole lot of interest, thanks to Tinder.

But poor Brock. It was love at first swipe, and she wasn’t even real.

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