Seven West Media launches second investigation into Tim Worner affair.

By Rebecca Hyam

Seven West Media has announced it will hold a second investigation into allegations arising from the affair between former executive assistant Amber Harrison and the company’s chief executive Tim Worner.

In a statement to the Australian Securities Exchange, Seven West Media said its board has met on four occasions this week and would commission a further independent inquiry to allay any shareholder concerns.

“The board has determined it prudent to commission a further independent inquiry to establish all of the facts so as to confirm that all necessary matters have been and were taken into account,” the company said.

The Seven West Media board will appoint an independent expert to the inquiry with a view to report back “as soon as practical”.

The first inquiry was held two years ago, examining the misuse of Ms Harrison’s corporate credit card and her affair with Mr Worner.

The subsequent report led to her termination with the company and a settlement agreed by both parties.

The affair, which occurred before Mr Worner became chief executive, was first brought to light on Sunday evening.

It is understood that Ms Harrison, or someone acting on her behalf, emailed media outlets with details of her affair and how she was dealt with by Seven West Media after the relationship was discovered.

Seven West Media said it was standing by Mr Worner.

“The board continues to support the chief executive, and the processes and decisions made based on the information at the time Ms Amber Harrison’s credit card misuse, and subsequently the existence of her relationship with the chief executive, was brought to the attention of the company two years ago,” the company said.

This post originally appeared on ABC News.

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