"What I did was wrong." Seven boss Tim Worner has apologised to staff for his affair.

Seven West CEO Tim Worner has unreservedly apologised to his staff for the “unwelcome attention” caused by his affair with Amber Harrison, who was a former executive assistant at the network.

The apology from the married father-of-four also addressed his family and was delivered in a company-wide email on Thursday afternoon, before being quickly leaked to the media.

“What I did was wrong. What I did is certainly not a reflection of the standards of the shareholders, the chairman, the board, or any of you. You are entitled to, and I hope expect, better decisions from me,” the email, seen by The Sydney Morning Heraldread.

“A lot of the allegations are factually incorrect but guess what, that doesn’t matter anymore. The one thing I am not doing is making any excuses. I obviously regret it and most of all I regret the unwelcome attention it has brought to the company and my family. None of you deserve that. Not one of you.”

Details of a consenting sexual relationship between Worner and Harrison became public knowledge earlier this week after legal documents she had given to the Human Rights Commission in May were shared with the media.

According to the documents, Worner was 51 when he began the affair with 35-year-old Harrison in 2012.

At the time, she was working for Nick Chan, the then CEO of Pacific Magazines.

Seven West CEO Tim Worner has 'apologised unreservedly' for his actions. Image via Facebook

Harrison also claimed several others at the Seven Network — including two 'high profile stars'  — had inappropriate relations with the media boss, which the company and Worner have both emphatically denied.

The network's lawyers are current fighting to keep the women's names under wraps and have launched a defamation suit against a website for publishing them, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Worner's email, which CC'd in Seven chairman Kerry Stokes, was sent just hours after Seven West Media announced it would hold a second investigation into allegations arising from the affair, including the misuse of a corporate funds to pay for it.

The initial investigation took place two years ago and resulted in Harrison losing her job.

It seems unlikely Worner will lose however, with his email promising "another exciting year" in 2017.

He signed it off "onwards".

The full email from Worner to his staff can be read here.