Tim Robards is kind of a big deal in Germany.

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Tim Robards is something of a household name here in Australia, but it seems he’s on his way to becoming a star in Germany too. Only this time, the fame has nothing to do with his love life.

The former reality TV star plays cover boy on not one but two editions of Men’s Health in Germany — the January 2016 issue and a special Collector’s Edition.

And, just as every episode of The Bachelor opened with a shot of Robards topless in, near, or gazing out at a body of water, the chiropractor appears on the cover emerging from a pool with his toned muscles on display. Because of course.

See? Kind of a big deal.


The catalyst for the 33-year-old's new-found global recognition is his training program and app, The Robards Method — and he's pretty damn chuffed with how it's been received.

"Health is not just an issue here in Oz, so making a difference worldwide is my goal and it's great to see the benefits of simple exercise progressions gaining momentum internationally," he wrote on Instagram.

"'There's a reason why body-weighted exercises are tipped to be the biggest trend of 2016... Because as we learn more about our bodies we're realising that's exactly where we need to start!"

According to the website, the Robards Method (TRM) is dedicated to "simplifying the approach to optimal health so you can live an inspired, fun and energised life".

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The Fitness and Nutrition Complete Package costs $149 with a $7.95 weekly fee for the app, and features a "7-2-1" eating plan, a five-level fitness program, and a training app. There's also a Fitness Starter Pack that costs $99, along with the weekly fee.

Although the program is clearly picking up momentum in Germany, not all of its fans are so far-flung. Robards has been putting his partner Anna Heinrich through her paces with TRM training sessions.

“I’ve always been into health and fitness, and I was heavily involved in athletics, touch football and hockey at school. Tim has certainly helped channel me in the direction I want to go, which is great. I feel strong and healthy," Heinrich told The Glow earlier this year. (Post continues after gallery.)

Robards isn't the only former Bachie making waves in the fitness world. The star of season three, Sam Wood, opened 'The Woodshed' training facility in Melbourne earlier this year and was recruited to develop a 30-day health and fitness program for Helga's.

According to his website, season two's leading man Blake Garvey works as a "TV personality, auctioneer, radio broadcaster, master of ceremonies and public speaker", but hey — there's still time for him to enter the fitness arena.

Do you follow any celebrity training programs?