Tim Minchin wrote a bloody brilliant song about marriage equality and it's going viral.

If there’s one thing Australians can rely on, it’s that if everyone is mad about something, Tim Minchin is going to write a damn good song about it.

Minchin, comedian, actor, composer, songwriter, pianist and director, this morning posted a video to his Facebook page, filmed with just his iPhone, captioned “A heartfelt song to my homeland.”

To the tune of “I still call Australia home,” Minchin instead sings, “I still call Australia hom… ophobic”.

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Since the video was posted a little over five hours ago, Minchin’s song has been viewed almost 750,000 times, and been shared just shy of 37,000 times.

Early in 2016, Minchin famously released a song titled, “Come Home (Cardinal Pell)” which was viewed more than two million times on YouTube. The song was written in response to 74-year-old Pell appearing via video link from Italy during the Royal Commission into child sex abuse, rather than returning to Australia.

Tim, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Watch Tim Minchin’s brilliant video in full, here.