Tim Dormer shares beautiful plans for his "big gay wedding" following YES vote victory.

Big Brother winner Tim Dormer may finally get his “big gay wedding”.

The ex-reality TV star has written about his reaction to the yes vote and what it means for him and his fiancee, Ash Toweel, on Yahoo.

“Holy s*it, I am not ready for this! Every straight couple knows weddings are bloody expensive!” he begins his post.

“The only way I’m going to turn my big gay wedding Pintrest dream-board into a reality is if I win another reality TV show.”

Dormer said that he was “thrilled with the YES result” and that the majority of Australians believe that love is love, “no matter what’s hanging low between my partner’s legs”.

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He explained that although he’s relieved his relationship can now (hopefully) be seen as equal under law, Australia was way too late to the party.

“I just hope history remembers that it was the people of Australia whose voices made this happen – not the cowards in government who were all too busy trying to find their birth certificates and work out what country they’re from instead!” he wrote.

He then candidly wrote about how hard the last few months have been for people in the LGBTQI community.

“I tell you what, there have been times over the last few months I’ve thought that if I ever ran into Malcom Turn-No-Balls in the street, I’d love to show him a respectful debate, the old Aussie way, man to man. I swear I’d give him one for what he put us LGBTQI Aussies through!


“Yes, I’m joking. I’m a peace-loving, tree-hugging hairy hippie and I don’t condone violence against our Prime Minister.”

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In June this year – before the plebiscite was even announced – Dormer proposed to his boyfriend of three years on a beach on the other side of the world.

The couple thought they would have a long engagement and hopefully – in a few years time – be able to marry under law. But that wedding may become a reality much sooner.

Dormer said that although the last few months have been tough, they’ve given him the opportunity to talk to people about how much the results would mean to him.

“I’ve had so many amazing conversations with members of my own family about how much this result will mean to me. We’ve stayed together as a family and chose to support each other despite our differences.

“I really hope that instead of all the obvious negativity, this postal survey has helped some people to consider others who may be different to them in new light, with empathy to understand that we are all the same and all want to celebrate love.”

Dormer plans to marry his fiancee, Ash, next year and he says he knows his whole family will be there “celebrating, happy that I found love”.

“So thank you Australia, you’ve helped make me the gayest groom-to-be in the world!” he ended his post.

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