Lovely news for The Bachelor's Tim and Anna.






It was during an ad break on The Bachelor last night when the words came across the screen: “Tim and Anna’s exciting news”.

Oh. My. Bachelor. What could it be?

The first thought was marriage. And then a baby in a carriage. You know how it goes.

It turns out the pair have decided to make their romance officially official by moving in together before getting married.

The pair, who met and fell in love during the flagship season of The Bachelor Australia last year, have decided to take the modern first-step of moving in together.

The announcement comes following a radio interview with Kyle and Jackie-O last month where the couple disclosed their pet peeves live on air. The “10 Things I Hate About You” segment featured Tim, 31, and Anna, 27, telling the rest of Australia about the habits that most annoy them such as leaving the toilet lid up and having lawyer-style arguments at home.

The couple will feature on this Friday’s episode of The Living Room, where resident builder and renovation-guru Barry DuBois offers them styling advice for their new place.

The apartment the two now share is in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and was previously Tim’s bachelor-pad.