Tim weighs in on how long Anna will last without him in the jungle.

The Bachelor shares his first thoughts since his exit.

She burst into tears just hours after entering the camp when she thought hugging her hunky partner would cause a stir amongst her fellow camp members.

Now Anna Heinrich has a new reason to shed more tears, after Tim Robards was sent packing on last night’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Tim was evicted alongside former beauty queen Laura Dundovic, leaving Anna to fend for herself in the African jungle.

Anna was unable to hold back her tears as the news was delivered with Tim whispering “I love you, I love you,” as he tried to calm his criminal lawyer girlfriend.

Laura, Anna and Tim.

Speaking about Anna after his departure, live on air Tim said, “She just always amazes me more and more every day... she'll be strong. She gets along with everyone so she'll be fine. I just hope it won't be four weeks until I see her.”

“I gave her a few tips on meditation, it gives you something to do," he said about giving her a distraction and strength.

With Anna missing her other half, discussion has quickly turned to how long she will last without her man in the jungle.

Anna and Tim.

“I give Anna 2 days till she screams the famous line #ImACelebrityAU get me outta here!” one I'm a Celeb fan tweeted.

“Has Tim sucked the life out of Anna Heinrich? What happened to the healthy looking girl that was on The Bachelor?” questioned another.

In an interview this morning with the Kyle And Jackie O Show, Tim explained that he wished he was left behind rather than Anna and tried to justify her emotional roller-coaster ride.

Tim Robards.

“The first four days for me were really hard and Anna was going great guns and then the last three days I kind of found my strength and then she’s been a bit down I think… plus it was a pretty quiet day on Valentine’s Day for the both of us,” he added.

And it seems Tim agrees with the commenters when it comes to how long Anna will last without him. “I said to her ‘If you’re in here and you’re really not thriving and you can’t be yourself say those magic words and I’ll still be proud of you’ but she’s a tough girl and she’ll stick it out,” he said.

He explained the longest the pair have ever been separated since meeting on The Bachelor was three days, as he attended a chiropractor’s conference.

How long do you think Anna will last in the jungle?

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