Tigger: I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

Bad Tigger. BAD TIGGER.

Remember Tigger?

The delightful, springy, friend of Winnie the Pooh who always had a smile on his stripey little face?

The one who liked to declare “Bouncing is what Tiggers do best”?

Well, you’ll never look at Tigger the same way again — because a tiny child in the UK has caught him in a compromising position, and it’s the sort of mental image that can never be unseen.

As Exeter Express and Echo report, a three-year-old girl caught a man wearing a Tigger outfit having “full-blown sex” with a naked woman in a public baby changing room in Devon in the UK.

The child’s grandmother, Maryanne Saunders, reported the story to local police on their Facebook page, outraged that the child’s hand had been bruised when Tigger and his lady-friend slammed the changing room door.

“Yesterday evening my daughter took her young child to the toilets on Barton Hill, there was a couple in the baby changing room having full blown sex,” Ms Saunders wrote on the Dawlish Neighbourhood Police Facebook page.

“They were about 30sh, the man had a Tigger outfit on, the woman was undressed,” she wrote.

“They slammed the door in my granddaughter (sic) face and caught her hand in the door resulting in bruising two of her fingers, this is not on, this is a disgusting act,” she said.

“Not very nice for a three-year-old child,” she wrote. “Hope no other parent has witness (sic) this disgusting behaviour”.

Tigger + naked lady = NOPE.