The unusual way Tiffiny Hall knew she was pregnant, even though all tests were negative.

When a pregnancy test comes back negative that’s normally the end of it right? Maybe one more and then you move on.

Not if you’re former Biggest Loser trainer Tiffiny Hall, who remained convinced she was pregnant despite receiving negative results from at-home and doctor’s tests.

The 32-year-old announced she and husband Ed Kavalee, 37, were expecting their first child this week.

But, as the fitness guru told KIIS network’s Hughesy & Kate on Tuesday, it took her a while to convince her husband she was pregnant.

“My beautiful husband didn’t believe me when I said, ‘Babe, I’m pregnant,'” Tiffiny told Kate Langbroek.

“And I knew the next day.”

Kate and co-host Dave Hughes were incredulous, quizzing the trainer on just how she knew so soon.

“I was nauseous straight away. I had non-stop bloody noses for the first week, like more blood in my body. I was having symptoms.” she explained.

Tiffiny then took – more than one – pregnancy test, all of which came back negative.


“I said, ‘Don’t believe the sticks.’ Went to the doctor and had a blood test. Negative. I’m like, ‘But I’m pregnant’.'”

Tiffiny told the radio hosts that she’d also noticed a “tiny little pudge” where her usually flat stomach was and, seeing this as further evidence, found a DIY pregnancy method that’s a little unorthodox.

It involves peeing on bleach.

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“So I got toilet bleach in a cup,” Tiffiny explained.

“I got my husband and said, ‘Piss on it.’ He pissed on the bleach… brought it back out to the laundry, then I took my own bleach, and I weed on it, and it froths like a beer.”

For those of you that haven’t tried this method of at-home testing – that was a positive result.

Tiffiny and Ed announced their baby news on Instagram with hilarity this week, joking about possible names for their little one.

“We’re thinking ‘North’, no one’s had that name yet,” Ed said. “North or Apple,” Tiffiny added.