The Bachelor's Tiffany Scanlon: "Alex would have to be completely insane to do it for publicity."

In the wake of reports that Bachelor winner Alex Nation has left Richie Strahan for a woman, her former mansion housemate Tiffany Scanlon has some words of advice.

Scanlon famously found love thanks to the show – with fellow contestant Megan Marx, but says their fickle relationship with the media caused a “meltdown”. The blogger told Fairfax Media she hopes Alex heeds her warning to be cautious before going public with her new relationship.

People's questioning of the authenticity of their relationship put a strain on Tiffany. (Image via Instagram.)

"My main advice to Alex would be to keep her private life private while she navigates a new relationship, whether that be with a man or a woman," she said.

Nation, who is yet to confirm New Idea's reports that she is in a relationship with a Frankston women's football teammate Maegan Luxa, seems to be taking that route.

The 26-year-old hasn't released a statement since her supposed relationship status with the 31-year-old chef and landscaper from Melbourne was reported.

However, her latest Instagram post, uploaded on Wednesday, reads "All you need is love" - which could be a subtle way of confirming the news to her followers.


Scanlon, who broke up with Marx after nine months of dating, said based on her experience of public scrutiny on her relationship, "Alex would have to be completely insane to do it for publicity".

"My relationship ended and I suffered a meltdown because of the public pressure navigating something so confusing and personal," Scanlon told Fairfax Media.

Warnings aside, the 30-year-old said she was "immensely happy" for Nation, adding "love is love and sometimes it comes in the most unexpected places".

As for whether she saw this coming, Scanlon said she had no inkling Nation was interested in women during their time together on the show.

"However, she could have said the same about me, so stranger things have happened."