Throw your ugg boots away people. This is what you’ll be wearing with your PJs this winter.


Or not. Look, it’s not the $3200 price tag that puts me off. Not at all. I think that’s TOTALLY worth it, even though there seems to be more skin than shoe leather visible from toe to knee. But whatever.
I do honestly think fashion designers had a meeting at the begining of this season and decided:

"Look, women are batshit crazy for shoes. Let’s really fuck with their heads and see how utterly nutso they are. We all solemnly pledge to design the UGLIEST, MOST UNFLATTERING, MOST VISUALLY APPALLING, MOST UNCOMFORTABLE shoes imaginable. Then we will think of a really silly number and double it and call that the price. And then we will all text each other and giggle when fashion magazines photograph them, celebrities wear them and women actually buy these hideous things and put them on their feet. It will be ace."

More pretty girls in these ugly boots after the jump.



Thanks to Jezebel for the Vogue scans…

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