The cheesecake made with only 3 ingredients changes everything.

Holy mother of all things cheesey and cake-based.

We challenge anyone to find a treat more indulgent than cheesecake. It’s kind of the best thing to have ever been invented. Ever.

Hyperbole? How dare you.

Do you know what makes cheesecake even better?

When it is really, really, ridiculously simple to make.

cheesecake recipe
Image: YouTube.

And it only has three, count ’em, THREE ingredients: egg whites, cream cheese and white chocolate.


In all seriousness, what could possibly go wrong?

The recipe and tutorial, posted by Ochikeron, has almost two million views on YouTube.

And for your viewing (and eating) pleasure, here it is (post continues after video):


Three ingredients, friends. That’s all it takes.

cheesecake recipe.
Image: YouTube.

Plus a bit of mixing, separating some egg whites, and melting some chocolate.

Even if you are somewhat challenged in the culinary department, the only challenge you will face is portion control when you’ve finished.

Doesn’t she look delightful?

cheesecake recipe
Image: YouTube.

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