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We all love pizza any which way, brick oven, wood burning oven, thin, thick. Even bad pizza is good pizza. But if you’ve never made grilled pizza you are in for a huge treat, and if you make it once, be prepared to make it again – it’s a serious crowd pleaser.

Make two or three times the amount of this excellent pizza dough, cut into sections and freeze for later use, then try these delicious combinations.

Buffalo Chicken, Blue Cheese and Spinach Grilled Pizza

Buffalo chicken wings rank up there as one of America’s most popular bar snacks. Try one and you’ll immediately understand why. So, why not take those flavors and slather them over a grilled pizza? Are you in? Of course you are.

Get the recipe: Buffalo Chicken, Blue Cheese and Spinach Grilled Pizza

Roasted Tomato, Leek and Mozzarella Grilled Pizza

Instead of tomato sauce, or raw tomatoes, try roasted tomatoes for a change, and some nice rich concentrated fresh tomato flavor. Sautéed leeks provide a subtle hint of oniony flavor, and fresh mozzarella a beautiful creamy and melty finish.


Get the recipe: Roasted Tomato, Leek and Mozzarella Grilled Pizza

3 Olive, 3 Onion, and 3 Cheese Grilled Pizza

This is a fully loaded pizza, but well worth every single ingredient, and very bit of indulgence. You can use different members of the onion family, different cheeses, and any combo of olives you like (there are many pitted olive combos available at supermarket and specialty food store olive bars). If you want more of a traditional pizza, you can brush the dough with sauce before adding the toppings, but you can also go for the toppings on their own – there’s no shortage of flavor in this grilled pizza. Skip the salt: there’s plenty in the olives and the cheese.

Get the recipe: 3 Olive, 3 Onion, and 3 Cheese Grilled Pizza

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