The anonymous note from a neighbour a QLD mum-of-two was shocked to receive.

The letter to a mother-of-two on the Sunshine Coast threatening to kill her barking dog was anonymous.

Her polite response was not.

“I would [like] to firstly apologise if my dog has caused an inconvenience to you and your family. He is just a puppy and still learning the ropes,” Kirra-Lee Laverty posted to the Sunny Coast Community Board, alongside a photograph of the note.

Her politeness is in stark contrast to the tone of the letter, which in all capital letters states: “There are some pretty angry people in the neighbourhood so I advise you take action before poisoned meat is thrown into the yard.”

Laverty's politeness was in stark contrast to the tone of the letter. Image via Facebook.

Laverty said she is disciplining the pup, but also suggested the unnamed accuser might have mistaken her dog for another.

"I can guarantee you that while I am home I pull him up the minute he barks," she wrote.

"He does not bark at night, as he sleeps inside with us. I myself have a sleeping baby and toddler and he has never woken them or myself (an extremely light sleeper)—so you may have the wrong house there."

"My partner has assured me he will door knock when he gets home and apologise to the neighbours in our street!"

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Most importantly, the mother of two urged the note-writer to re-think throwing poisoned meat into her backyard, as it might harm her children. (Her politeness is astounding).

"Please be smart about the action you take in regards to throwing poisoned meat in my yard," she wrote. "Because you aren't only threatening my dog, you are also threatening my kids as they play in the backyard and my eight-month-old puts everything he finds in his mouth!"

"Thank you for your kind note. I will be sure to take more steps into ensuring he doesn't disturb you anymore!"

The response from the community has been overwhelmingly in favour of Laverty.

Some commenters have called the note "un-Australian," while others have deemed it "gutless" because the writer failed to sign it.

"Definitely call the police. These people need to be spoken to ASAP," one commenter wrote.

"What has happened to having a chat with your neighbors? And to the mutt that put this in your letter box, you are weak as piss! Poisoning an innocent animal? GRUBS," another posted.

"To the person who left that disgusting un-Australian gutless note, I hope you've read these posts," one person wrote. "Shame shame shame!"