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Man in custody after allegedly threatening to rape ex-partner.

By: Adrienne Francis

A 33-year-old man from Evatt, in Canberra, has been remanded in custody after allegedly threatening to rape his ex-partner and stab her dog.

ACT Police arrested Kim Liv shortly after 2:15am in Latham for failing to comply with a domestic violence protection order.

Police allege Mr Liv contravened the order granted to his former partner by approaching her Latham home.

According to the police statement of facts, the woman claims she observed Mr Liv inside his parked car at 2:10am on Saturday.

She told police he was parked on the nature strip approximately 15 metres from the front of her home with the driver side window wound down.

In the statement of facts tended to court the woman claimed she overheard Mr Liv using threatening and harassing language.

“I’m going to go inside and stab the dog. Maybe I’ll just go and rape her. I’m going to make her apologise. How could she fucking betray me?” he is alleged to have said.

Police said the woman became terrified of what Mr Liv may do and called police.

It is alleged Mr Liv initially drove away from the scene when they approached his car, but he stopped after emergency lights and sirens were activated.

When the lawyer for the prosecution read out the alleged statements in court Mr Liv shook his head and his defence lawyer denied the statements were made.

In refusing bail, Magistrate Bernadette Boss said there was a likelihood of Mr Liv reoffending.

Ms Boss also said Mr Liv showed an “absolute disregard” for court orders and cited his three prior convictions for contravening domestic violence protection orders within the last three months.

He will appear before the Magistrates Court again later this month.

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