Those Two Girls: Let's hear it for the REAL housewives.

It looks like we’re about to become addicted to a new series. It’s not House of Cards. It’s not Orange Is The New Black. It’s much, much funnier. And faster. And exactly relevant to our lives.

Meet comedy duo ‘Those Two Girls’, the fabulous Sarah and Lise, two thirty-somethings from Brisbane. They are hilarious. They are our new best friends.

And their new series, Real Housewives of Unimportant Secondary Cities is already making us feel better about the Weet-Bix crusted on our shirts (oh come on, you know it’s happened to you… right? Guys?).

Yep, Weet-bix. Definitely Weet-bix.

Because the ‘Real Housewives‘ shows we see on television could not be further from our lives. That’s the point of those shows, really. We get absorbed in the plastic lives of the socialites of Los Angeles, while we have the TV on full volume so we can still hear it over the vacuuming we’re doing after a busy day of work.

But this new show is much more relatable. Aldi specials and all.

Check out the Real Housewives of Unimportant Secondary Cities sharing a lammo before Ellen. And then go and have a lammo and watch Ellen.

Hurrah for real housewives.