Those Two Girls say what we're all thinking about the Oscars.

There’s nothing better than watching an awards ceremony with a girlfriend. Analysing the dresses (“slits and tits”, anyone?), pointing out the thigh gaps, and discussing which men you’d like to… wash. (The most accurate description of Johnny Depp we’ve ever heard.)

It looks like we’re about to become addicted to a new series. It’s not House of Cards. It’s not Orange Is The New Black. It’s funnier, and faster, and exactly relevant to our lives.

Meet comedy duo Those Two Girls, the fabulous Sarah and Lise, two 30-somethings from Brisbane. They are hilarious. They are our new best friends.

Real Housewives of Unimportant Secondary Cities is our new favourite 2-minute show. Why? Because it’s just a little closer to our lives than the collagen-injected schedules of the OC ladies. And by closer, we mean these housewives are wearing Cotton On and eating chips.

We vote for Sarah and Lise to be the next Oscar hosts. Check out the first episode of Real Housewives of Unimportant Secondary Cities. But whatever you do… Do NOT bring banana chips.