Those Two Girls: The laundry life hacks that change everything.

Those Two Girls are ready to fix your life. Again. Would you stop messing it up already?

If you don’t know what a life hack is yet, allow me to explain: they’re simple, easy steps you can take to make your life better (or your laundry more functional, as the case may be).

And comedy duo Lise and Sarah have a whole lot of hilarious life hacks to share.

Adding black coffee when you’re washing black clothes to stop them fading? Life hack. (No, Sambuca will not do the same job).

Using a razor to get rid of pills on old jumpers? Life hack. (Try removing your pubes from the razor first).

Mixing hand sanitiser and hairspray to lift ink stains from fabric? Life hack. (But if you’re writing all over your clothes, you may need to reconsider your priorities).

Watching comedy duo Those Two Girls in their video on laundry life hacks and enjoying a well-deserved belly laugh or six? Life hack. In the extreme.

Our favourite suggestion?

“Leave a note of what’s not to go in the dryer on the dryer with a whiteboard marker. But then again, who else does the laundry around here but you, you poor sod?”

Amen to that.

And now, in the words of Sarah: “Let’s get started on this wild ride that is washing other people’s piddled-on sheets.”

Well, what are you waiting for?