Those Two Girls share the only life hacks you will ever need.

Everybody loves a good life hack video.

Bulldog clips that double as iPhone stands. Bread tags that can organise your computer cords.

But this video goes one step further. Not only will it hack your life (that may sound disturbing, but it’s a GOOD THING, okay?), it will also make you giggle.

Those Two Girls are a comedy duo from Brisbane, and they will fix your life one rubber-band-around-a-wine-bottle at a time. Their new web series, ‘Can You Hack It?’, is somehow both useful and ridiculous.

How do you stop your necklaces getting tangled when you’re travelling? Thread one end through a straw. Or, if you’re anything like Those Two Girls, just start wearing the straws around your neck. Pretty.

With just the right amount of sarcasm, Sarah and Lise have a “curated selection” of hacks around the home. Think Better Homes and Gardens meets The Katering Show. Four tips that will either come in handy, or just give you a belly laugh.

You’ll never have a smelly bin again. Maybe.