Stuck in a rut and sick of cooking the same five meals every week?



How do you handle the grocery shopping? I plan my visits with military precision. First I map out my week’s meals, then I write a detailed list before hitting the aisles. (Confession: I may also look forward to the quiet time and my weekly treat of a sugar-free Mother while I push the trolley a little/way too much …)

Between work and family, there’s no time to fuss over weeknight dinners, so quick and easy are my keywords. I also try to include to a mince dish (for economy) and a salmon dish (for health) each week.

I’m a little addicted to trying new things and my kids are getting better with age at eating them!

Here are five dinners I’m planning to cook this week:

Monday: Turkey meatballs with spaghetti

This dish includes wholemeal breadcrumbs and spaghetti so I feel a little more virtuous serving it, especially if there are steamed veggies on the side.

Get the recipe here. 

Tuesday: Honey nut chicken stir-fry


The kids have swimming lessons on a Tuesday, so a stir-fry is a quick and easy option when we arrive home late and hungry.

Get the recipe here.

Wednesday: Salsa-roasted salmon

OK, confession time. My kids won’t actually eat the salsa. I’ll just crumb some salmon pieces for them and cook up this spicy treat for my husband and I.

Get the recipe here. 

Thursday: Singapore noodles

My kids LOVE rice noodles and as long as I go easy on the curry powder they gobble this dish up. My husband and I just add extra chilli after serving them.

Get the recipe here. 

Friday: Mozzarella chicken burgers

Chicken, cheese and pasta sauce in a burger, what’s not to love?

Get the recipe here. 


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