This man "allegedly" smashed a wine glass in his girlfriend's face. A few months later he "allegedly' bashed her again.

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After his arrest last weekend for an alleged "domestic incident" with his girlfriend where he had to be subdued by police wielding capsicum spray, it has now emerged that AFL idiot Wayne Carey is already facing charges in the US for glassing his girlfriend in their Miami hotel last October. Yes, smashing a glass in her face.
While Melbourne radio station 3AW sacked Carey yesterday, I believe he is still employed by Channel 9 where he is an AFL commentator and appears on their various AFL Footy Shows.

If these charges are true, it’s hard to think of a more disgusting role model for the boys and men (and women) who follow AFL. In fact it’s hard to think of a more disgusting human being.

His sponsors and his employers need to send an immediate message and sack his sorry ass. Except judging by the footage shown on Today Tonight of him arguing with the arresting officers as he’s led away last weekend, he’s not sorry at all.

UPDATE: Channel 9 has now sacked Carey. Not a moment too soon.

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