What I want to buy for spring because ALL my winter clothes are boring.






Despite frequently annoying my colleagues by moaning about how fast the year is flying by (I mean August 10? WTF), I’d really like to wrap this winter business up. I’m done.

In the lead up to the seasonal changeover I’ve even felt the need to generate my own political-style three-word slogan: bring on spring.

Seriously KRudd, I’m just a phone call away.

It’s not just the weather I’m done with, I’m bored of wearing the same clothes over and over and over again: floral shirt, leather skirt, khaki jacket, tights, ankle boots, jeans, striped shirt, converse. People are starting to notice I’ve been recycling the same looks every week, it’s getting awkward.

When I had no life more time I’d meticulously pour over fashion magazines and tear out the clothes I wanted to buy for each new season and pin them up on my wall, which would also serve as outfit inspiration for those mornings when I had ‘nothing to wear.’

So instead of all that, which frankly sounds rather dull and naff now I articulate it, I’m doing my spring fashion wishlist right here because I’m obviously trying to pass off my need to shop as work. Hey, I wonder if I claim tax on anything I buy on this page…hmm *strokes chin*.


Don’t worry I don’t actually intend on buying all these things, I’m too financially irresponsible to have actual savings. So that’s why I’ve set up the Spring Fashion Foundation Fund (SFFF) you can kindly donate to because:

Jokes aside, here’s what I’d buy for spring (if I had all the money).

1. Asymmetrical wrap skirts

I’ve been eyeing these off for a couple of months now but I’ve been waiting until the weather is warm enough that I can wear them with bare legs because to be completely honest, I can never be bothered shaving/tanning in winter.

Where to buy: The Iconic, Bec & Bridge and Witchery.

2. Fine jewellery

I have largish fingers, which aren’t that compatible with fine rings – they tend to get cut off and look like encased sausages but what the hell I’m going to do it anyway.

A fashion tipster told me the best place to buy fine jewellery is actually on Etsy, check out the search I did (and image from) here.

3. White textures.

After wearing mostly navy and black all winter long I’m ready to embrace something lighter. You can expect to see plenty of head-to-toe white this spring thanks to designers Stella McCartney, Missoni and Givenchy.


While I don’t think the all white look is for me (ask me in a few months, I’ll probably have changed my mind) this textured white Country Road collarless jacket (image right) is just the thing I need to banish my khaki army jacket and big puffy black parka to the vacuum pack bags.

4. Embroided floral tops

Embroided floral tops are my thing, they’re the one fashion item I can’t get enough of. It’s like I was a born a hippy in a past life and I’m under the delusion that all the cotton and thread in the world is drying up and I need to buy them ALL.

I love this asos (pic left)one but is anyone else getting fashion deja vu? I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before, last season’s Alice McCall maybe?



5. Clog heels

Maia informed me these were only $39.95 AND from Rubi Shoes. Ding, ding, ding. Someone’s going to crack and buy these first and I think that person is me.

6. Slogan tee

I grew up in the 80s/90s so slogan tees have a special place in my heart, I wanted a Katharine Hamnett ‘Choose Life’ t-shirt so bad – well until Hypercolour t-shirts came in and I moved on. Sure, I’m fickle but t-shirts actually changed colour, that was as exciting as fashion got to 11-year-old me.  But seriously, what’s not to love a slogan tee? You can communicate your inner thoughts, or political leanings, send an ironic message to the world, show your allegiance to Team Jen/Edward or simply announce you’re down to your last clean t-shirt.


Where to buy: Marc Jacobs, Sportsgirl, Topshop, Asos, Supre.

7. Metallic shoes

Move over Judy Jetson: after having my feet cooped up in ankle boots and pointed heels all winter I’m ready for something more fun.

Metallic shoes instantly transform any ensemble to make it look like you’ve actually made an effort and as you can probably already tell, I have high hopes for these shoes. Soon I’ll start throwing around adjectives like game-changing and must-have.

I’m even imaging how I’ll dance in my new shoes:

How I’ll actually dance in my new shoes:

Where to buy: Asos, Topshop, Country Road (image right).

What’s on your spring fashion wishlist?