This is not a picture of my stomach (will spare you that) but how cool is it…

Every pregnancy is different. And not just from one woman to the
next. Every pregnancy is different even when it’s the same woman who’s

I have good pregnancies, generally. I enjoy the
physical state of being pregnant (mostly) and I’ve never had any major
negative physical side effects.

Any complaints have been minor:
a bit of back pain, heartburn if I eat bananas (or citrus fruit after
lunchtime), some hormonal headaches and in the first four months,
mid-range nausea and skin that resembles a pizza.

Compared to
friends whose pregnancy side effects have included chronic back pain,
unrelenting and severe nausea, haemorrhoids, separation of their pubic
bone to the point they could barely walk and crippling migraines, my
pregnancies are bright and breezy.

But I’ve definitely noticed that each of my pregnancies has been different.

was 25 the first time. My body was young and strong but mentally? I was
totally neurotic in that way most women are during your first

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