Someone just invented the underwear you never knew you needed.

We are sold.

You know that feeling when someone thinks of an idea, shares it with the world and then makes you feel like the dumbest person in the world for not thinking of it first?

That’s what these undies are. Three women in the US have created a line of underwear to be worn specifically during your period. They are absorbent, leak-proof and stain-resistant and not a nappy.

The underwear is called THINX. And it is the incredible invention of entrepreneurs Antonia Dunbar, Miki Agrawal and Radha Agrawal.

thinx underwear
Antonia Dunbar, Miki Agrawal and Radha Agrawal. Image via YouTube.

The light bulb moment for this creation came when Miki Agrawal recalled an awkward moment during a business meeting when she had to run home and change after blood leaked on to her white skirt.

“I thought to myself, why isn’t there underwear that is leak and stain resistant? And wouldn’t it be great if they did?” Agrawal says.

You can watch exactly how this idea came about below. Post continues after the video.

The undies use a patented four-layer technology which they call “THINX Quadtech” and is meant to help resist stains.

You’re probably imaging a bulky maxi-pad type situation down there but it’s actually thin, breathable and almost identical to normal underwear.

thinx underwear

The current line of THINX are designed as a backup for pads and tampons but can absorb about 2-3 tablespoons of liquid.

However the group is working on a more absorbent design that could replace pads and tampons entirely, as well as pairs with heating pad inserts to help with cramps.


thinx underwear
Hot damn. Image via YouTube.

And it gets better.

For every pair of underwear purchased, THINX will donate a reusable menstrual pad to women in developing countries through the non-profit organisation AFRIpads.

During a trip to Africa, said Agrawal, “I met a young girl on a weekday, and asked her ‘Why aren’t you in school?’ She said, ‘It’s my week of shame.’

“Girls around the world have to miss one week of school every month because of something as natural as their periods.”

FYI if you’re looking to support local business in this market, Kristy Chong, a Sydney-based entrepreneur and mother of three has created Modibodi — a similarly awesome product.

Excellent work, ladies.

We’ll take five pairs for every woman in the Mamamia office.

These aren’t the only great undies going around, social campaign highlighting the unacceptable rates of violence against women, by encouraging women to express themselves on their underwear.

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