All women are the thinnest on the same day, and it is...

There’s a day in every women’s life when she is at her thinnest, and then it’s all downhill from there. That day is…

Her wedding day.

Statistics show that on average, a women will weigh the least on her wedding day than on any other day of her life. That’s because nothing is more motivating than being photographed and filmed from every angle in the dress of your dreams standing next to the man of your dreams. The focus is on you…you have to look perfect.

But make sure you enjoy the day because statistics also show that many brides gain a lot of that weight back during their honeymoon. That is, unless they've been recently fat-shamed, like this bride.

Valerie McLean was recently married in Glasgow in the UK. The 25-year-old felt like a beautiful princess as she walked into the reception hall, that is until she spotted the figurines on top of the wedding cake. She and her fiance had asked for their wedding cake to be topped with replicas of themselves. When she saw the replica of herself, she was horrified.

Valerie was overweight and that's exactly how she had been made to look, crafted from marzipan. "I'd been big for most of my life and planning my wedding was another painful reminder," Valerie told the Daily Mail. 

"The fat little cake topper just summed me up. I even grew between picking my wedding dress and picking it up. I was a size 16, but by the time I got the dress I'd become a size 18."

"I just couldn't get into it and burst into tears. I didn't realise I'd let my weight get so bad and thought I would look back on my wedding photographs in shame."

She did her best to enjoy her special day however seeing that figurine on the cake was the last straw. The 25-year-old newlywed swore from that moment that she would lose weight from her 107 kilo frame and did just that. She is now a size ten.

Her husband Grant was stunned by the transformation and so were his friends. They kept asking her who his new girl was.

Valerie's story has ended happily. Her wedding cake maker sounds like a bit of a jerk though.

Did you feel pressured to diet for your wedding day?

Images courtesy of Metro News and Facebook