Thinking of getting a cat? 5 reasons you should go for it.

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When people see my Facebook page, the first assumption they often make is that I’m a “cat person”.

Okay, it happens when they see my Instagram, too. And my Snapchat. And when you speak to me in person. I guess it’s time to come clean. I love cats, and I’m not afraid to plaster it across social media.

Unfortunately, there’s an annoying expectation that comes along with being considered a “cat person”. As various friends and acquaintances have informed me, “cat people” have certain characteristics. They like to stay indoors, for example. They can be standoffish, and tend to shun social interaction. They’re often intelligent, but that can translate into neuroticism.

“Dog people”, on the other hand, are fun and energetic. They love meeting new people. They’re party animals. They love being outdoors and running around.

Most importantly, dog people have one thing in common: They are the POLAR OPPOSITE of cat people. In fact, the two are sworn mortal enemies.

Or so the myth would have you believe.

Sorry to shatter any long-held misconceptions here, but there’s actually no such thing as a “dog person” or a “cat person”. The truth is, you don’t have to be a die-hard, “cats-only-forever” cat lover to have a cat as a pet.

If you’ve ever considered getting a cat, or if you’ve never considered getting a cat, the following list is for you.

1. Cats are hugely affectionate

It’s time to tackle another myth: cats don’t actually love people. In fact, all that following you around and purring and rubbing up against you and letting you cry into their soft fur when you’re sad is a scam created by hungry cats the world over to con humans into giving them food.


Luckily, this theory has been scientifically disproven (for real). Cats have the capacity to be just as affectionate as dogs. I knew that even before I found out about the science, because every cat I’ve ever had has actively sought me out, even when they weren’t hungry, because we just enjoy hanging out together.

Cats are hugely affectionate. Image: iStock.

2. Cats give the best cuddles (hands down)

If you’ve never been so lucky to experience it, let me please be the first to tell you: there is nothing in this world so fulfilling as the weighty, warm feeling of a cat sitting on your lap.


3. Cats keep you on your toes in your relationship

Falling into a relationship rut? Bringing a new family member into the household can really bring you closer to your partner. It means you have a common goal and something new to look forward to upon returning home (and a new Game Of Thrones-watching pal).

And of course, there are endless conversations to be had about which one of you your cat likes better…


Let's watch Game of Thrones together? Image: iStock.

4. Cats are low maintenance

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that cats are the lowest maintenance pets.

While it may be easy to think that cats only need a bowl of food and a litter tray, you’re sorely mistaken. Our feline companions may be solitary in their pursuits, and are champions of independence, but like us they do enjoy companionship.

Cats however, will never play the needy card, they’re the masters of playing it cool. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself seeking attention from your cat, instead of the other way around. (Just a heads up, though: if you’re not keen on the idea of your new family member “redecorating” your favourite lounge, you might want to invest in a scratching post too.)

One thing you certainly won’t be needing is any sort of cat bed. Trust me, a cat will make themselves at home on yours right away.

5. Owning a cat helps keep you in shape

Although most people look to dogs when it comes to the go-to pet for fitness, cats certainly have their methods of keeping you on your toes.

To start with, cats tend to hide in hard-to-find places, and you can search your house for hours (and rack up a whole lot of steps!) searching for their newest sleeping spot of choice.

Why do you recommend adopting a cat?