7 life changing things sitcoms have taught me.

Everything I know about navigating the real world as a fully-fledged adult I have learnt from sitcoms (sorry Mum and Dad, you did keep me in TVs though).

Sitcoms have been my equivalent to an older, wiser woman imparting her pearls of wisdom onto me. I can just imagine me and sitcoms sitting on a sprawling, old veranda, sipping on ice tea, the sun setting behind us, as sitcoms throws down some real home truths about life.

(BTW in this fantasy, sitcoms is Betty White and I’m a young Tina Fey. And we’re the best of friends).

I love, love, LOVE sitcoms for three reasons.

One, they take everyday situations that we can all relate to and make them funny AF. Shitty workplaces? Tick. Awkward family events? Tick. Cringe-worthy dates? Tick.

And two, they create hilarious, flawed characters that we grow to love – even the real stinkers who would make our skin crawl in real life (I’m looking at you, Newman).

Finally, they stand the test of time. The sitcoms I watched in my teenage years are still guiding me through my thirties. And I know that no matter what situation I’m facing, one of my favourite sitcom characters has been there before.

So indulge me for a minute and imagine that I’m your Betty White and you’re a young Tina, while I walk you through these totally legit (and useful) life lessons.

1. Life is going to throw you some curve balls but as long as you have cracking friends you’ll get through them.

Image: Friends/NBC.

You know how it goes – your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s D.O.A.

As a 13-year-old, I thought Phoebe, Chandler and Co had EVERYTHING I wanted in my life – Tencel jeans, Rachel’s HAIR, and the slickest couch to hang out on. As an adult, I can see that every single one of those lovable goofs went through some serious shit. Divorces (cough, Ross), humiliating career lows, and bad dates and heartbreaks (Janice much?). But they got through it together, because, you know, I’ll be there for you.

2. Hallucinating about dancing babies? That’s just your biological clock ticking.

Image: Ally McBeal/Fox.

I went through a really clucky period when I turned thirty. It was off the charts. I would cry in the shower about my unborn children, I started naming my eggs each month and telling everyone how I was going to have twin boys who I would name Jude and Ezra. Jude would be a human rights lawyer and Ezra would have a career in the arts. Crazy single lady much? I had no idea what was happening to me but then I remembered Ally McBeal and the Uga Chaka baby. This is normal, I told myself, this is COMPLETELY NORMAL.

3. Jeans with sneakers/joggers/runners is a legitimate fashion choice.

Image: Seinfeld/NBC.

We all bagged out Jerry Seinfeld. Now it’s called norm core and all the cool kids are doing it. Fashion is cyclical. End of lesson.

4. Retirement IS the best time of your life and you will get SO MUCH elderly PEEN.

Image: Golden Girls/NBC.

Everyone is always whinging about getting old. I’m like guys – chill the fuck out – haven’t you seen the Golden Girls? Retirement is great – you get to live with your three best friends and your quick witted mother. And you get heaps of pants action, lots of late night snacks and a really catchy theme song. Bring on the blue rinses, I say!

5. Women can be hilariously funny and BOSS at the same time.

Image: 30 Rock/NBC.

Our favourite 30 Rocker, Liz Lemon, not only manages the clashing egos of Tracey Jordan and Jenna Maroney on a daily basis, but motivates a team of moody writers and keeps afloat the sinking ship that is TGS for six seasons – all while working on her night cheese. Enough said.

6. Hate your job? Steal the stationery. That’ll show em..

Image: Broad City/Comedy Central.

Broad City babes Abbi and Ilana have made me appreciate my early twenties. All the shitty jobs, the weird sexual encounters and heartbreaks made me the woman I am today. And if things get really rough – I know I can always raid the stationery cupboard or steal the office TV.


7. No matter how much bullshit you’re up against, there is always hope.

Image: Parks and Recreation/NBC.

Lesley Knope spends her days swimming in the cess pool of bureaucracy, red tape, and whinging, irrational townies that make up the Parks and Recreation department. But she still wakes up every day with a passion for what’s she doing and a desire to change the world (or at least the City of Pawnee). We should all strive to be a little bit more like Lesley Knope. Because YES WE CAN’T NOT KNOPE.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go hug me a widescreen TV.


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