Six ways to treat yoself in Thailand.

Life can sometimes be hard.

This is in no way a shocking revelation, I know.

But importantly, this fact means that you have complete permission to treat yoself every now and then.

Enter: Thailand.

Thailand is a magical world where problems don’t exist and happiness is everywhere. Even more delightful is the fact that it is just so very, very easy to treat yourself in this beautiful country.

It has everything you could ever want, but here’s a short-list:

1. Pick a good hotel

There are hundreds to choose from, but like anything in life, there are standouts.

If you’re going to Hua Hin, I recommend Cape Nidhra. It is right on the beach, it is quiet, it is incredibly decadent and beautiful.

The rooms themselves are enormous, and you get your own private plunge pool.

If that’s not luxury, I don’t know what is.

If you’re going to Phuket, visit SALA Phuket Spa & Resort. An incredible location for couples, and the most secluded hotel I’ve ever stayed at.

Each room is like its own house (and about the same size as many in Sydney), and has it’s own private plunge pool as well as an outdoor bathroom area.

Incredible and secluded bliss.

I would also highly recommend detouring through the Phi Phi Islands. They feel a little out of the way, but oh my are they worth it.

Particularly because the accommodation on this island is phenomenal. I stayed at Zeovala, where you are treated to five star accommodation in the middle of nature.

Shoes are not a necessity, and you can spend hours walking around and discovering new things.

A beautiful paradise.

2. Ask your hotel for the best local restaurant

You can’t really go wrong with Thai food. But oh my, when you can get it right, you get it very, very right.

For the best mango and sticky rice (my new favourite dessert), go to Pa Jua in Hua Hin. By far the most delicious mango and sticky rice you will ever have, and I do not exaggerate when it comes to mango and sticky rice.

Or, you can just enjoy mango with Sticky Rice at your hotel. This delicious one’s from SALA Phuket Spa & Resort.

For some street food, you can’t go past the floating markets located around Thailand. Everything is made fresh, and although you may not be entirely sure of what you’re ordering, you are guaranteed it will be delicious.

Keeping along the floating theme on water, if you’re looking for something a little different check out a floating restaurant. They have an abundance of seafood that is literally picked straight out of the water.

I’m not exaggerating. They let you choose it.


I went to Paekruwit Restaurant which was beautiful and delicious, albeit a tad pricey.

For lunch with a view, go to Tunk- Ka Café. The food is not only delicious, but you get a view of the entire city. Amazing.

3. Go to a spa

Not being one to typically frequent spas, my world was rocked after going to Thailand.

At each hotel I stayed at, I was treated to the most incredible spa treatment in the world (I know I just admitted my lack of experience, but if there’s anything more luxurious I don’t even want to know about it).

Each of the hotels gives you a thorough, personalised massage or a delightful, relaxing facial.

After each treatment I came out simultaneously rejuvenated and energised and regretful it was over.

The perfect combination.

4. Drink cocktails

Enough said.

5. Go on an island hopping tour

As mentioned previously, GO TO PHI PHI GO TO PHI PHI GO TO PHI PHI.

It is insanely beautiful, and you can take multiple photos to brag to your friends about later.

While you’re there, I would highly recommend an island hopping tour.

You can visit the locations that the movie The Beach was filmed (though be warned, they charge you for the luxury of stepping out onto said beach), you can dive into beautiful water and meet some terrifying monkeys.

It will quickly become your happy place.

6. See some local landmarks

Of course, you can’t go to Thailand without checking out some of the beautiful local landmarks.

I went to the Maruekathaiyawan Summer Palace, which at the time was incredibly hot, but also very peaceful and beautiful.

I’d also recommend checking out the Artist House in Hua Hin, particularly if you’re travelling with kids.

Here, you get the opportunity to meet some of the local artists and paint something of your own. I chose to paint a box. It was not good. Still, the experience was wonderful and relaxing.

If you are travelling with kids, I’d also recommend Vana Nava Waterpark. It’s not too crowded, and the rides are terrifying, which is exactly what you’re after.

As is obvious from this list, the ways that you can treat yourself in Thailand go on and on. The country is incredibly beautiful, the people delightful, the food extraordinary.

If you’re thinking of a holiday, I’d recommend Thailand.

You’ve earned it.

Dimity’s trip to Thailand was courtesy of Tourism Authority of Thailand and CT Marketing. She stayed at Cape Nidhra, SALA Phuket Resort & Spa and Zeavola.

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