The Instagram account that's dedicated to things that look like vaginas.

The positive, pro-women Instagram account that is all about pussies.

Since starting this job, I have Googled ‘things that look like vaginas’ and ‘euphemisms for vaginas’ more times than I can count. (For the record the best slang terms can be found here.)

And you know what? Lots of things look like lady parts. Just ask your next seafood buffet.

This is a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Eva Sealove and Chelsea Jones the creators of Look At This Pussy – an Instagram account entirely dedicated to vaginal doppelgängers aka ‘voppelgängers’ aka almost everything.

For example:

a pussy named heather

A photo posted by look at this pussy (@look_at_this_pusssy) on


  “We started ‘Look At this Pussy’ about nine months ago, about a year into our friendship,” Sealove explained in an interview with Bullett Media. “We just started texting each other pictures of things that looked like pussies, saying ‘look at this pussy.’ It was as simple and as organic as that. It was sort of like a ‘Where’s Waldo’ game between the two of us, and it just became one of our internal memes in our friendship. We joked about making an Instagram account for it, and then one day one of us actually did.” The pair describe themselves as “militantly anti-shame”.

Eva Sealove and Chelsea Jones. Image via Instagram.

As Jones says: “I just want to push the message of respecting one another. It’s not about misandry or hating men, it’s just about respecting each other and having fun. I wanted to create a space where people can feel like ‘it’s normal to feel like this’ or ‘it’s normal that I look like this.’ Everything is a pussy and everything about a pussy is beautiful. “I think the accounts that are positive, and pro-women are sort-of incredibly serious, and I think people get a little scared of that. I think it’s important with humour to kind of break down that barrier.” This one clearly belongs to Mystique from X-Men:

She not from here, this pussy. She Outta this world s/o @rnasti A photo posted by look at this pussy (@look_at_this_pusssy) on


With smart and hilarious captions, the account now has more than 5000 followers and is spreading its pro-pussy message far and wide on social media.

“I think that all pussies are perfect, in being un-perfect. I don’t think the ‘perfect pussy’ really exists. My pussy, your pussy, everybody’s pussy is fucking perfect,” Jones said.


Here are just a few of the images of things that look like vaginas:

Have you spotted anything recently and just thought: ‘Hey! That looks an awful lot like a vagina.’?

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